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McLaren P1 – The true legendary speed monster on road

Meta: Heard of McLaren P1 before? Check this post about this devastatingly fast performance super car that amazes you a lot.


You have surely heard of the legendary and amazingly fast McLaren F1 before. This model has become one of the most successful super cars in the 1990s. Here comes the decedent of the true McLaren F1 – McLaren P1. It is said that McLaren P1 has maintained the high-quality technical features from its previous excellent F1 with more upgraded and the most modern engineering innovations to make P1 on the list of the fastest super cars in the world.

Well, I must say that we have never been in a better century of super cars than now in spite of the recent increase in concerns about environmental protection. On the contrary, such car manufacturers like McLaren have obtained hybrid technology to enable their vehicles unexpected facilities far more than we can ever imagine.
This McLaren P1 is nothing than a completely different monster compared to its predecessor the F1. Turbocharging, hybrid power, adjustable aerodynamics and active suspension make the P1 dramatically strong and powerful on road and race-car laps. Therefore, the P1 is recognized as a bold and remarkable super car in the world of equally brilliant vehicles.

Let’s take a closer look at the special facts and technical features relevant to this new super car McLaren P1.

Overall performance and speed

If McLaren’s individualist approach is applauded, its bullish performance claims are somehow facing criticism. This P1’s number one target is the overall performance which is measured most correctly regarding lap times. As what the P1 project director said in the launch of this super car,“This might not be the fastest car on a global scale regarding top speed, but this is not our goal. Instead, we believe the P1 is the fastest production car on a racing circuit.”

Indeed, the McLaren P1 is equipped with strong stuff and perfectly fitting. McLaren claims that the P1 can reach 62 mph from 0 in 2.8 seconds and 124 mph from 0 in 6.8 seconds. Its top speed is 217 mph. When it comes to normal conditions on the road, this car shows us a surreal performance that is beyond our expectation for a car which is used on a regular basis.

How about the P1’s reliability under wet conditions? Well, don’t worry! Let’s leave the traction control alone. Its tires are facilitated with mechanical grip and mighty traction to keep the P1 balanced on the road well.

Handling and ride

You must be surprised at what McLaren is doing to create the ultimate super car on their way. The interlinked hydro-pneumatic dampers, which is called Race Active Chassis Control, are responsible for doing away with anti-roll bars.

This P1 allows the spring rate to be monitored at each corner together with the damping force. Furthermore, the spring rate and damping force are used to counter roll, heave, and pitch. The open differential with brake steer is a more excellent solution than a mechanical limited slip differential. McLaren consistently sticks to their principles, and that is the main reason why the P1 is so unique and fascinating to drive.

The P1’s handling and ride differentiate depending on various road modes. In the road modes such as Normal or Sport, the P1 is supple, light and lithe. The steering requires little effort, and the ride is locked-down when it comes to controlling and loose-limbed to deal with nasty surfaces. Thanks to such excellent wheel control and immediate response to steering inputs, the P1 delivers an incredible sensation and real confidence to the P1 owners.

In Race mode, the chassis lower by 50 mm and the spring rates increase by 300%. The P1 morphs in its full aero-mode. The suppleness is replaced by an amazing staff set-up which rocks over curbs. The P1 now is simply wild with explosive power and neck-training grip.

Engine and gear

The basic engine is a 1.8-liter twin turbocharged V8 which is more strengthened. This engine architecture is then equipped with a new casting to incorporate the electric motor. New turbos run 2.4 bars of boost, and the internal combustion element generates 727bhp at 7300rpm and 531lb ft at 4000 rpm.

The motor assists the engine with torque fill when the turbos are off boost and under all out acceleration. What is more, the power output is also impressive. The P1 beats the heavier 918 Spyder by 29 bhp in outright power.

The P1 is also unique in character and sound. It snorts and wheezes at low speeds than roars a deep baritone howl when it is fully lit. Furthermore, the 7-speed box is incredibly fast and furious. Regarding absolute response, the P1 stands behind the 918. On the track, the electric motor struggles to hide the P1’s big boost and high output delivery.


The P1 is facilitated with typical dihedral doors, a wide carbon fiber sill and a deep bucket seat fixed at 28 degrees. What impresses me the most is all of these interior fittings are very thin and weigh 10.5 kg per piece, but they are still shapely enough for long term comfort on trips.


McLaren proudly claims that you will not find any needless ornaments or styling features on the P1. Every part of this bodywork is designed for no other purposes than aerodynamics and cooling. The appearance and shape alter dramatically based on the driving mode you are using.

While the P1 is idle, its wingless form looks simple, attractive and clean. When you activate the Track-only race mode, arches clear the tires and the spoiler rises from the rear deck.

To sum up

The McLaren P1 costs you 866,000 pounds to possess. Well, this price makes the P1 one of the most exciting affordable hyper cars nowadays. The driving experience with it shall be unforgettable and amazing. Feel the air on every road and let the safety control be the work of the car.
MCLaren P1 2014 3.8T