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2017 Lexus SC - Dynamics, soft, jiggly, and vague 700

So the hottest topic of our story is right here, without exaggeration at all, when the stunning Lexus LF - LC concept has finally changed into the top-shelf Lexus SC tourer this year, 2017. It’s going to be an incredibly gorgeous fit-out with a seriously dynamic performance and the unique design solutions. The name of such a jiggly automobile is 2017 Lexus SC that is expected to totally surpass its RC-F coupe!

Yes, the competitiveness in this segment is quite harsh, especially with many powerful rivals, such as BMW 6-Series and Mercedes-Benz SL-Class. But there has been a high belief lately that 2017 Lexus SC is more than just a bold and classy look - its 475 horsepower and one 10 speed automatic transmission gearbox will be something we should concern here.

What It Really Is

An alluring luxury sports coupe that surely attracts more attention from the audience than its rotten-potato SC430, which used to be the jewel of Lexus. Will it be made with less or more unobtainium than the previous LFA?

The production touring car will be likely kept both aerodynamic and sporty shape of a concept car. Aside from its spindle grille design in the front end, both its reshaped taillights and rear bumper are just amazing.

According to Holiday Auto, this next-gen SC is another model of the luxury coupe with monotone paint, wider mirrors, and the classic headlights. For the powerful hybrid SC, it’s said to carry the 500-hp gas unit based on the LF-LC concept:

Platform: 2017 Lexus SC is the initial car model giving a brand new platform that is expected to get shared with its next-gen LS and others. It will be rear-drive this time and the four-wheel drive is properly added later on.

Powertrain: As we know that SC is long on both luxury and features - it avails a version of the 5.0 liter V-8 making 467 hp in its RC F and GS F currently.
Price: Price of this mighty model would be around $80,000 - $95,000.

Why We Should Care

This new model seems to own it all, from its style that takes on the Europe’s most powerful engine options, and also the globe’s first ever 10-speed automatic transmission. Greater than that, the buyers would prefer a coupe like SC that provides nearly the same power and driving dynamics as its LFA, but obviously under half the price.

In term of its engine-wise feature, Lexus SC is reported claimed to own 2 various powertrains. As mentioned above, the hybrid model can generate 500 hp while its conventional one can send out 475 hp to the rear wheels. By knowing this, we can’t stop getting excited about driving it on the road, and to make the fans go WOW!

Learn Its Engine Specs

Year: 2017
Brand: Lexus
Model: SC
Top Speed: 155 mph
Car segment: Sports car
Body style: Coupe
Price: $80,000 - $95,000
0-60: 6.0 second  
Hp: 475 hp

2017 Lexus SC is informed to take around 5.5 seconds of time to get to 60 mph from zero. Its top speed is rated at 155 mph. Not just that, another automatic transmission control will go along with its, which is rarely seen nowadays due to the great advantage of this automatic transmission over the manual one.

Exterior & Interior Appearance

Lexus SC reveals its classy outer look and undeniable aura that can take breaths away, and at the same time, its sporty style goes undisputed. Aluminum and carbon fiber are the primary materials used for this engaging model - These two lightweight but strong materials are anticipated to boost SC’s efficiency and better up fuel economy at the same time!

Apparently, the new model this year surpasses its previous generations due to its lightweight construction and increased aerodynamics. Though we know that it’s built on a platform alike to the SC430 model, the new SC’s front end is assessed to be tougher and mightier than the old one.

By owning 2 doors and the big front and rear windows, the car is guaranteed to bring the highest driving pressure when we’re rushing through the air. When gazing inside, this SC makes us say, “damn” when it comes to its stylish and modern interior design. It’s also powered up with the latest technologic and security characters, making 2017 Lexus SC easily meet all demands of the future owners. These safety traits here would be the front collision alert plus the lane departure warning.

When looking at this new model, we suddenly think of a pacing bullet that is rolling the wheels in the aerodynamic design of a vehicle. Not only that, SC this time also shows off a badass fascia with the running lights as well as its large spindle grille that will turn anyone’s head at any place.

Besides, Lexus SC’s sunproof windows and big front window naturally makes the car’s cabin feel a bit wide open. So no wonder we could almost feel like driving in a real convertible even without touching the wind.


Back to the earlier reports, the SC model won’t join the race between Aston Martins versus Bentleys. Instead, it will join the fierce competition with BMW 6-Series and Mercedes-Benz SL model.

It’s possible to hope that after hitting the international markets, 2017 Lexus SC will make an impressive comeback to haunt its long-time competitor - the BMW 6 Series. We still expect both of these elegant tourers (coupe and convertible) to gain cooler improvements by then.

BMW’s noticeable part here is how it’s mostly seen as a continental crosser rather than a true sports car that we expect. As compared to Lexus SC, it’s actually a 2-door athlete owning a cool aura of elegance, and greater than that, it’s powered exclusively by a turbocharged, six-cylinder engines. Yet, some people still complain why BMW’s look is always like a clunky thing most of the time!

However, SC’s LF - LC concept covering the sharp headlights and the spindle grille will be able to take on BMW 6-Series without a doubt! Both of them come up with rear-wheel drive mode, and if you’re interested in for BMW’s all-wheel drive function, then pay the extra cost for it.