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Ford GT and its mysterious round taillights 1000

Meta Description: 50 years after the championship of the GT40, Ford saw the heaven again with the winning of Ford GT 2017. To tell the truth, the car is a masterpiece of the era.

Ford GT was what people had been yearning for. It was meant to appear as a Mustang, just like many people's expectation. 50 years after Ford won the Le Mans with the GT40, it's high time for it to reclaim the championship. Ford GT was called by the name Project Silver.

However, as far as the project goes, people realize that if the car wantss to join the group of racing car, it cannot take after the design of Mustang. Mustang is a big car with a huge frontal area, which means its aerodynamics is hindered. The brand will win nothing from a Mustang look-alike racing car. The project is canceled as a result.
Still, it's what the majority know. People said that since then, the Le Mans project has become unofficial, carried on with a staff of under 20 personels in a basement, behind a locked door. The staff kept going on to make the dream of GT come true. And here it is, the awesome treasure of Ford. The model has a surprising small frontal area. No more complaints about bad aerodynamics!

The new GT model takes after the original GT40 and so different from the GT 2005. It is a racing car, which means it is either a top-speed LMP prototype or a road version.

The new GT of Ford is unique, not like any road cars converted to be racing ones from Porsche, Aston Martin, and Ferraris. It's even different from the Mustang. The body of the car is long, precisely 4779mm, low, precisely 1063mm, and wide. However, when you're sitting in the cabin, you won't find the width remarkable at all.

2017 Ford GT Specifications

2017 Ford GT's passenger cockpit is a carbon-fibre tub, which means it is light and firm. There is a roll cage equipped, behind which lies a 3.5-litre, twin-turbo V6 Ecoboost engine. Then engine's task is to drive the rear wheels by controlling a Getrag seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

The V6 Ecoboost engine itself is interesting enough. It has the capacity to boost to 647bhp, which we find pretty impressive. Owing to the features of a V6, the engine is fairly compact. The engine is wrapped close by bodywork, but the air flow inside is relatively complicated. To be more specific, the air comes in at the rear and flows through a channel under the lower bodywork, then backs to the sides, to the turbos, moves up through the visible air-coolers, and finally comes to the inlet manifold.

Ford conducted a test to examine the capacity of the V6 engine. The first results are not so good, the heads kept being ruined. Then, the brand modifies the engine so it's more suitable for racing.

One of GT's significances is the components of its chassis. The composite components are a part of a program aiming at reducing the cost and time spent making lightweight materials. Owing to the program, one day we will see a Ford Focus made from lightweight materials. In fact, the GT is made almost entirely of carbon fiber and aluminum.

When the car first appeared, people were all stunned by its exterior design. The scissor doors made people gasp in awe. The front end of the GT is defined by a pair of large, back-sweeping headlights and huge hood scoops. Going to the tail, we can see why the flying buttresses receive so many compliments from experts. They has an excellent aerodynamic function as well as the awesome, badass appearance.

Ford GT's rear diffuser is not as marvelous as the one we can see on a race car. However, it can perform just as efficiently. The diffuser's job is to raise the downforce in order to keep the car stuck to the road while moving at high pace. You will also fall in love with the huge Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes as well as the alloy wheels. You cannot move your seat to adjust the space from your feet to the brake. Instead, you have to change the setting of the brake box.

Looking at the console, you will be surprised by the high-tech look. The splash of red is your start/stop button. The instrument bar is also comprised by all digital. You can customize it depending on the modes: driving one or your preference.

Does 2017 Ford GT deserve all the hypes?

Definitely yes! You can literally believe in all the compliments given to the model because the car is incredible. It's made of a lot of sweat and tears, and a mere dash of luck. It's a golden success of Ford! It's not even surprising that the brand won the Le Mans again with the model. The experience in the GT is breathtaking, and no one can say otherwise.

Photo: Business Insider