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Mercedes S65 AMG – the incredibly elegant hypercar on road

Meta: The elegant and luxurious Mercedes always amazes us. What about the incredible Mercedes S65 AMG? Check this review for more interesting information.


This sleek two door Mercedes S65 AMG delivers both style and speed with ridiculous and effortless riding ability that is beyond your imagination. The S65 is equipped with imperious refinement and guaranteed exclusivity at a price of about 183,000 Pounds. It is, therefore, better than the V8 S63 Coupe regarding performance and status. Such price is affordable for those who desperately want it.
When it comes to super cars, apart from the luxury, one of the most highly appreciated factors is the exclusivity. Price is not as a big concern as what we often thought. The super-rich individuals don’t care a lot about the price. What they pay more attention to is whether their super cars are unique especially regarding design and engine.
This Mercedes S65 AMG is facilitated with a two door coupe with incredibly endless power and plenty of prestige. But what impresses people about the S65 lies in hand built twin turbo 6.0 liter V12 bonnet which is strong and efficient to enable this super car to reach mind-blowing speeds. Another highlighted point that I shall review later on is the in-gear acceleration.

The S65 AMG is claimed to have 55% more cylinders under the hood than its previous version the S63, and you know that the S63 is really over the top of everything. Well, now that have you imagined how crazy and unbelievable this S65 might be? Somehow the regular rules are not applicable for this S65 anymore.

Wait no more, let’s get down into a closer look at the S65 AMG and keep breathing gradually as you are going to read what you have never read before.

Facts and technical features


The S65 is stated to be a 6-liter V12 twin turbo engine and able to make 621 horsepower. Mercedes says that V12 is equipped with more models than any super car producers up to now. Mercedes has replaced the former CL nomenclature with this S65. For this reason, the S65 can compete against the Bentley Continental GT and Volkswagen W12 regarding the stratosphere of 12 cylinder coupes.

With the 6-liter V12 twin turbo engine, the S65 can generate 621 bhp with a deep rumble and 1,000Nm of torque. Mercedes claims that the S65 can reach 62 mph from 0 in 4.1 seconds and its top speed is 186 mph, which is an incredible speed for a four seat car weighing 2,185 kg.

What is more, the torque delivers an effortless surge from a very low level of 1,200rpm. In almost all weather conditions, the Mercedes S65 still manages to put its considerable output down calmly thanks to the effective ESP in stopping wheelspin.

Furthermore, the S65 is wrapped around by carbon fiber trim from the outside like the front splitter, rear diffuser and mirror housings to the cabin. Of course, you can customize the material inside the cabin from wood to piano-black elements.

Riding and Handling

The S65 is facilitated with the rear wheels and a seven-speed automatic gear box to be suitable for each driving modes. You can try to drive with the Sport and Comfort modes to experience the efficiency of the gearing system. The super car in these modes runs smoothly and shifts nicely.
Besides, you can choose the manual setting then flick up and down the gear box by deploying the steering paddles. The car is, then, less responsive and you might feel a pause between gear change and paddle pull. However, when the transmission deals with forces, it is well refined.

The ride with the S65 is good as what you expect from a high-class car line from Mercedes. The S65 is supported with Magic Body Control, which is a part of a full tech package, and a curve tilting function. Let’s take Magic Body Control an example. It uses a camera to check the road ahead for pumps and chooses any imperfect roads or tracks and then automatically turns on the adaptive air suspension right before the impact. Consequently, the S65’s body floats over the ground while the car runs into bad surfaces.

What is more, the tilt function contributes a lot to the car stability and balance maintenance here. It helps the S65 to be agiler at moderate speeds, which are more appropriate to its physical size. The electronic car brain activates the suspension to lean the car into a corner and reduce any roll.
You can feel every inch of the S65’s working parts. They are so smooth and effective. Now that you can be more confident to drive the S65 through corners at the speeds that keep the car stable.

The S65, however, is not a sports car. In Sports mode, the 20-inch chromed AMG alloys shall thump over expansion strips. The ride feels brittle in case you drive the car hard. Therefore, it is much better to relax and back things off.


The interior is loaded with premium equipment. The seats are facilitated with heated, massaging and ventilated modes. Besides, the cabin also has a digital TV, internet access, a stereo, LED headlights covered with Swarovski crystals, a bespoke cruise control together with Stop and Go Pilot system. Well, there is still a lot of decoration inside the car that amazes you than ever.

Furthermore, a 360-degree camera and climate control are integrated into the interior. The 12.3-inch screen color monitors the car’s core functions.

To sum up

The Mercedes S65 is a great choice for long vacations and journeys. It is a reliable partner on every surface with a more driving spirit. However, you might not be satisfied with the car’s performance when you push it harder. The undesired deficiencies appear, and the S65 turns out to be not agile anymore. Anyway, this is still an incredible super car that any ultra-rich individuals expect to own.