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Porsche 911 GT3 RS – the true ghost rider on road

Meta: Strongly impressed by an incredible performance by super cars? Check out this review about the Porsche 911 GT3 RS to have an in-depth knowledge about Porsche 911 GT3 RS.


Porsche 911 GT3 is priced at around $US146,000 which is quite an affordable price for those who desire to own one. Let’s see briefly what the super car delivers to its owner. Firstly, the GT3 is well equipped with a large rear wing, huge air intakes, fender-filling wheels and strong tires which can easily create an impressive appearance to owners.
On the outside, the GT3 image is even more gorgeous with GT3 logos at the front. Not only focusing on improving and enhancing the design and look, but Porsche also manages to facilitate the GT3 with 500 hp 4.0-liter engine that generates a 9000 rpm redline.

In general, Porsche 911 GT3 is the harmonious combination of art in design and hi tech features to come up with the true genius super car and thereby making it one of the best drivers’ cars in the world. The most highlighted features about this GT3 include ear-tingling engine sound, 6 – speed manual and 7-speed dual clutch with manual shifting mode.

This super car, furthermore, is claimed to be one of the fastest cars in the world with the top speed of around 198-199 mph and an amazing 0-60 mph time record. On the other hand, with some high-quality ultra-fast cars, the harder you push, the less agile the super car becomes. This is not the case for the Porsche 911 GT3. No matter how hard you push it, its responses are magical, simply beautiful in its feedbacks. Therefore, the GT3 challenges every ground and surface.

Now it is time for us to have a closer look at the technical features and facts about this unbelievable GT3.

Facts and features


The incredible and magical overall performance of the GT3 is mainly supported by its powerful engine. Upgraded and enhanced considerably regarding technical features, the GT3 comes out with stronger and more alive stomper and mill. The 911 GT3 is now facilitated with the 9A1.5 crankshaft, lubrication system, valvetrain and intake manifold.

Besides, larger main journals allow a stiffer crankshaft is thereby reducing wear on the front main bearing. The reason is the crankshaft distributes stress evenly across bearings. The downside which is a crank always requires a heavier dual mass flywheel to restrict and reduce vibration.

On the other side, the new valvetrain with finger followers replaces the previous and obsolete engine’s hydraulic-lifter-equipped heads. Thanks to the new valvetrain, higher oil pressure needed for operating the lifters is eliminated. As a result, both response and efficiency are much improved.

The GT3’s dry-sump system deploys seven scavenge pumps combined with a pressure pump for lubrication. Also, a redesigned intake manifold supplements a second lap to enhance torque and the low-range and mid-range responses at different speeds. The GT3’s engine can generate a power output equivalent to 500 horsepower and 339lb ft of torque. In this aspect, the GT3 is quite lower and wimp compared with the standards of a super car.

The GT3 is provided with three pedals and dual clutch which is first introduced to Porsche 911 GT3. Like any previous 911R, the 911 GT3 also has six cogs to save about seven pounds compared with the seven speed manual in other 911s. This seven-speed PDK dual clutch is automatic and shares the manual’s ratios in the first, fourth gears. Furthermore, this PDK also controls the limited-slip differentials electronically.

Gearing and braking

New underbody panels and a tall rear wing are very helpful in increasing downforce to 342 pounds at a top speed of 198 mph for the PDK and 199 mph for the manual. GT3’s fat-haunched body enables the car’s rear fenders to be wider by 1.7 inches than current Carrera 4 and 4S.

The steering, on the other hand, is light and extremely direct but lacks communication in case of understeer approaches. Therefore, you can feel less confident in front grip. When you change your driving, the GT3 alters its personality. The transition quickly moves to the brakes. You drive your car around the corner, the GT3 adjusts.

The Porsche 911 GT3 offers you some driving modes for handling on the road. However, whatever you do, the GT3 will not surrender as soon as the fuel tank is full. This car is no doubt a reliable partner on different surfaces.

Styling and Design

The design and decoration of the interior remain unchanged in almost all parts. Some updates arise from the top of the upholstery, steering wheels and other race-inspired ornaments. The seats are wrapped by carbon bucket, which is an option for owners whereas the door panels are equipped with lightweight handles.

What about the decoration and equipment inside? The Porsche Communication Management (PCM) is added into the GT3 together with the Connect Plus module, and the Track Precision app. This Track Precision app allows the drivers to analyze, display and record driving data on their smartphones.

What is more, a Club Sports Package with a roll cage behind the front seats, a battery master switch, a fire extinguisher and a 6 point safety harness is mounted on this super car.

The outside of the GT3 seems to be similar to previous Porsche models. Some modifications are made on the side skirts and wheels. The GT3’s back is a lot identical to the recent RS. However, the taillights are redesigned to make them more angular. Porsche also revises ways to optimize diffuser and enlarges side air vents. Besides, the GT3 is painted with new exterior colors, and maybe some of these GT3 super cars are introduced with exclusive finishes. Wait and see!

To sum up

The newly launched GT3 is amazing, and it is just about the matter of time before this super car hits the market. The Porsche 911 generation has become one of the most popular super car models in the world over the past years, and as far as I am concerned, the GT3 will not be an exception. The introduction of the GT3 shows the tremendous efforts of Porsche in the race for the best and exclusive super cars in the market. Let’s experience mind-blowing feeling with the GT3 now.