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Hennessey Venom GT - The king of the speed

Standing out on the road with one of the world’s fastest supercars is what the tuner mentions about Hennessey Venom GT, and the rest, as people say, is the history.

It feels a bit surreal as if we’ve just stumbled into the 5-minute action scene of a Bond movie, especially knowing the Hennessey Venom GT Spyder has created a new world record for open top cars. Well, its reputed independent speed testing company has officially affirmed the car’s incredible speed of 265.6 mph - a record acceleration that goes unparalleled to these days.

Hennessey Venom GT - “A New King of SPEED!”

So what’s the first impression about this world-beating coupe? It’s confirmed as the Final Edition and blanketed in the one-of-a-kind blue finish, the Glacier Blue. But that does not actually put us into sensory overload until knowing the Venom GT’s awesome speed that could stir a burst of cheek-smoothing, intestine-compressing, and even head-addling force. Well, this is properly the most intense feeling we’ve ever experienced when it comes to a road-going car.
Now return to the pits, when Hennessey Venom GT’s gorgeous greenish complexion and foal-like nature are what please the fans - so it’s clear John Hennessey has successfully built one of the most formidable supercars in the USA, and even in the world. We’ve already anticipated this since nobody builds the road sports cars with such the quadruple-digit horsepower numbers like John. He actually gets the best honors back from the “Shootout” (2007), where the 1000-Twin Turbo Viper proved its almighty power at a start of 200mph.

Jump To Venom GT’s Engine Specs

Year: 2017
Brand: Hennessy
Model: Venom GT
Top Speed: 265.6 mph
Car segment: Supercars
Body style: Convertible
Price: $1.2 million
0-60: 2.4 second
Hp: 1,451 hp

Interestingly, Steve Millen, the driver on that day couldn’t help but shouted out how wild that ride really was. He knew that he merely loved to go sideways in all gears. And the updated version of Dodge Viper hit 200 within 20.3 seconds, an astonishing 3.9 second faster than the Molsheim’s monster, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport (4.5 sec.). So out of expectation, Venom GT today has dethroned the Bugatti to become the world’s fastest car on the road when it finds no challenge to reach a maximum acceleration of 427,4km/h (265.6 mph) in 2.9-mile long runway in California.

As the result can be seen here, but then the company even confirms that the car needs to brake since the track wasn’t long enough. They claimed that it even reached 450 km/h (280 mph) in that case! Sadly, it couldn’t be listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the speediest production car in the world for 2 reasons here. First, NASA didn’t accept the testing back and forth; second, it’s for the basic standard to be acknowledged as a “production car. It requires at least 30 units must be produced, but Hennessey only launched 29.

For a clearer and better view on how special and capable the Hennessy Venom GT - the King of Speed is, browse through the table below to gain insights into what makes it and Bugatti as the fastest ‘production cars’ in the world today!

0 to 60 MPH
Top Speed
Hennessey Venom GT Final Edition
1,451 HP
<1,155 pound-feet
2.4 seconds
280 mph
Bugatti Chiron
1,500 HP
1,100 pound-feet
2.4 seconds
286 mph

Not Only The Power Yet The Look!

Hennessey Venom GT’s look has its own chassis, style, and aerodynamic power that are formed around the carbon fibre tub that houses the huge American V8 engine with 2 giant OI’ turbos for the maximized power. This could surpass 1,400bhp and all go through the only one single-clutch paddle shifter, or if you’re brave enough to experience it, just test it yourself!


At the end of the seats, instead of the aluminum monocoque design, Venom GT starts off with the heavy-duty chrome-moly steel for its custom subframe, divided into triangles by 2 gusseted V-shape braces. Watching it closely, there’s a clear symmetry in the charge coolers, the blow-off valves, turbos, and other cone-shaped air filters. Also, being decked out in blue, white, red, and underneath these vivid colors, the car is pretty much like the American flag that flew on the runway the moment they set their record.

In term of its basic interior, it’s seemingly intact yet decorated for a bit awesome style and higher comfort. You can see it clearly from the black diamond-stitched Alcantara, velvety leather and the carbon-fiber cover on the 2-dial instrument cluster. So does the microfiber lining the car seats, door panels and dash top since it’s also diamond tufted! Put your helmeted head there neatly in just enough room, but then the whole view in the back? The mirrors are big and just placed at the right place together with the black-mesh duct and polished valves.


Finish it? Let’s move on to the outside, where that legendary Porsche-917 long-tail appearance from the extended wheelbase makes the car look the best to win every race. Wait! That’s when we forget to mention its spectacular rear fenders swelling around the beautiful Michelins. Its visage is kept awesomely with both headlights and peaked fenders that come perfectly matched with a dense splitter in front of the car. It connects the doubled underbody venturis further back.

Turning to the rear, where we see the taillights floating in the car’s mesh grille and the straked diffuser spreading beneath the engine. By the way, the rear wing here is adjustable for height and angle of action but absolutely fixed at the phase of development. And it’s no one else but Hennessey who use these measures to release the downforce nearly 1200 lb. at around 150 mph.

Final Word

Hennessey Venom GT is just thrilling and borderline overwhelming for anyone who is brave enough to drive at times. Be honest, it only makes you love the car even more, especially when its Savini wheels can make the whole car go strangle faster than ever - It’s also cool to be able to state those wheels to be the fastest wheels in the world, too!

Right now, all eyes would be on it, the Final Edition or the last of a success that started off with just the little expectations. And guess what? It’s going to end with the supercar world at its feet! Now let us know what do you think of this ‘bad boy’ Venom GT performance?