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Bugatti Chiron – the most impressive blue monster on road

Meta: Always fascinated by the impressive Bugatti super cars? Check this post about the Bugatti Chiron – one of the most luxurious cars in the world.


Bugatti has come back with its most incredible and fascinating super car ever called the Chiron. This is not a hybrid car, which is quite different from its direct competitors such as McLaren P1, Porsche 918 and LaFerrari. The Chiron completely relies on fossil fuel for its every movement.
It is stated to be a 1500 hp-smackdown in the world of super cars that is beyond every imagination and expectation so far. The engine of the Chiron is the development and improvement of the Veyron’s 8.0-liter quad-turbo W16. That is to say; the Chiron uses an 8.0 liter 16 cylinder engine with four turbochargers to generate 1500 hp and 1180 lb-ft of torque.

Furthermore, the muscular and powerful wheels are well supported by a seven-speed dual clutch automatic routes energy which allows it to be a reliable partner on every track. The Chiron still maintains the fundamental powertrain and proportions of the Veyron. On the other side, the Chiron obtains new features to appear as a strong physical car ready for breaking free.

What about the price? Well, don’t be scared at the price tag of this Chiron. It costs just under $3 million. However, there is a saying “The rich are different.” Let’s see what is so special about this super car to make it one of the most expensive production cars in the world.

Facts and technical features


In comparison with the Veyron which produces a piffling 1183 bhp and 1106lb ft of torque, the Chiron turns out to be more powerful and stronger. With the 1500 bhp and 1180lb ft engine, the Chiron is capable of creating a constant top speed of 261 mph. As a result, the Chiron can use up all fossil fuel in 9 minutes. Remember that its fuel tank contains 100 liters.

This is the game of true monsters on high-speed races. What is more, the Chiron can accelerate from 0-62 mph in less than 2.5 seconds. This is unbelievable, and not many super cars in this world can achieve that record. Therefore, it is not a big problem for the Chiron to reach 124mph from 0 in less than 6.5 seconds and 186 mph in less than 13.6 seconds. A strong super car generates impressive technical figures.

Let’s have a brief and quick comparison with the Chiron’s latest competitors regarding time to accelerate high speeds. Bugatti must be very proud to boast about the fact that the Chiron is faster and more furious than the P1 and its Veyron to reach 186 mph in such a short time. The P1 takes 2.9 seconds, and the Veyron takes 1.0 seconds longer than the Chiron to run at 186 mph.

Here comes the top speed. This Bugatti Chiron reaches its speed limitation of 261 mph which is 3 mph faster than the Veyron Super Sport. Bugatti is hoping to create a new super car which can surpass the speed of 270 mph. However, they say 261 mph is the safety measure for traveling on the road.


The swollen powerful engine is facilitated with four turbochargers to deliver a maximum torque at 6000 rpm from 2000 rpm which surpasses 70% of the Chiron engine’s full operating capacity. To reach 3800 rpm, the Chiron uses the two-stage system to calls on two turbos. All four turbos shall be activated to achieve the higher rpm.

Compared with the Veyron, the Chiron is upgraded with a new titanium exhaust system to reduce back pressure. Besides, two enormous catalytic converters are also supplemented to support the engine. There are six exit pipes with four in the back and two downwards, thereby creating a blown diffuser and a downforce.

When it comes to the powertrain, the Chiron makes it amazing. The air cooling system is improved with 60,000 liters of air per minute pumped through the engine. The coolant pump can rotate 800 liters at the same time. All aim to control and manage the engine temperature.

Brakes and tires

The Chiron’s powerful engine needs corresponding effective and reliable brakes. Bugatti makes the Chiron’s brakes larger and bigger. The carbon silicon carbide front and rear discs are 20mm larger, 2mm thicker. Thanks to the special material, the brakes now are lighter and more resistant to harsh conditions. Furthermore, 8 piston calipers are equipped with the front and 6 pistons at the rear. Each piston is designed with dissimilar diameters to make the brake wear even.

Apart from larger brakes, Bugatti already makes bigger tires for the Chiron. Its tires are 14% wider at the front and 12% wider at the rear wrapping around rims. Two rims at the front are 20 inches, and the rest at the rear are 21 inches in diameter. The wider and stronger tires aim at enhancing the Chiron’s ability to withstand forces.

Now that when the Chiron is on the road, every contact patch delivers better braking, excellent traction and grip, and acceleration. Also, the updated four wheel system deploys electronic diffs at the front and rear axles, thereby enabling better control of the handling characteristics.


The Chiron’s cabin is so special. The wheelbase is 1mm longer than the Veyron. The Chiron is 14mm wider and 6mm taller. The best part is that the headroom is additional 12mm which allows you to drive the car while wearing a helmet. The design of the cabin is a simplicity to reduce the driver’s distraction from driving.

A speedometer is surrounded by digital screens showing different entertainment and driving information. When the speed increases, info on the screens thins out. Therefore, the driver can focus on their driving.

To sum up

The Bugatti Chiron is one of a kind not only because of its excellent top engine with power output but also the amazing design. Compared with the Veyron, the Chiron is quieter at speed with the double-glazed glass. You shall feel like mind-blowing while seated inside. This $2,998,000 super car is obviously a premium choice for ultra-rich individuals.