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Koenigsegg Regera – the alien super car beyond imagination

Meta Description: Koenigsegg Regera is a new breeze to the society of hyper cars. Let's see what outstanding features brought to us this time by the golden manufacturer.

The Swedish hypercar manufacturer Koenigsegg is well-known for its short product list as well as the incredible quality of each product they brought to the stage. During the manufacturer's existence, Koenigsegg has come up with fewer models than Ferrari can produce in a sole week. However, every time a car of Koenigsegg is out to the public, it quickly wins headlines, sells papers, and makes people buzz constantly.
The same case has happened to the Regera, the manufacturer’s all-new model. Once the Regera took the stage, the 1341-hp One that people are talking about instantly lost the heat.

Racing cars' figures are often intimidating. But the figures of the Regera can be said as fearsome. Somehow, we can say that the model's hybrid drivetrain takes after the McLaren P1, the Ferrari LaFerrari, and the Porsche 918. But it is also something that we have never seen in a car before. The engine of Koenigsegg Regera is a twin-turbocharged 5.0-liter V8, which is empowered by three electric motors. Together, the turbos make a total power output of 1.11 megawatts, which is equivalent to 1509 metric horsepower or 1489 horsepower on America’s SAE measurement. The manufacturer has claimed that the process of acceleration from o to 400kph (249 mph) takes less than 20 seconds. The figure makes the Regera beat a new record for the fastest to accelerate over the world.

An Understated Appearance

We know that you want to get straight to the features of the powertrain, but we promise to make it quick. There are many things to say about the look of the Koenigsegg Regera. Perhaps the most notable thing about the design of the model is that it is made almost without any professional designer. The Regera is meant to be a more luxurious version of the Agera model, which was brought about by Koenigsegg and rocked the stage for a long time. Looking from the front, we can see that the appearance of Regera is completely different from anything created by the brand before. The sides of the model are defined by the aero channels and a huge rear wing which is deployable. We want to give beautiful compliments to the cabin of the Regata. It's plush and spacious, with central console screen featuring Apple CarPlay.

Move on to the Gear

And now, we go to the most wanted part of the article, the drivetrain. Have you heard about the Koenigsegg Direct Drive transmission? It is a single-speed gear reduction for the mighty V-8 engine. There is no traditional gearbox lying between the engine and the 2.85:1 rear final drive. The part is replaced by a hydraulic coupling directly linking the two parts. When the engine power is at below 30 mph, the Regera relies solely on its electric motors. Above 30 mph, both the car's engine speed and wheel speed rise in direct proportion. To be more precise, when the engine reaches 8250-rpm redline, it corresponds to the full speed of 249 mph.

People said that the unique feature of Koenigsegg Direct Drive is not so necessary, but the manufacturer has claimed that without the traditional gearbox, the model is saved from overwhelming weight and the power consumed is reduced by more than 50 percent. The three electric motors which we have mentioned in the beginning of this article is meant to fill in where the V-8 engine produces less power. Those motors are also helpful in putting more on the fantastic performance of the model, making way for its top speed. Those are also lighter than the radial flux motors appearing in many supercars. The three motors include two 241-hp and one 215-hp motor version, of which tasks are driving the rear wheels, and offering torque vectoring.

There is a 2.4 cubic feet battery pack of 620-volt sitting in the chassis backbone. The battery pack, which weighs 254 pounds, is the most power-dense one appearing in a road car ever. It has the capacity of 9.27-kWh, which is surprising enough. The prodigious flow levels, which can go up to 671 horsepower, are also fantastic. The total weight of the drivetrain is quite light. The company claims that all the transmission system weighs just 194 pounds.

The Unique Model Among Hyper cars

The company founder Christian von Koenigsegg said in an interview that: “This is of course very different to what people are used to in sports cars. [...] It’s nice to shift down, hear the engine howl and then shoot off. However, given the massive electrical support and the power of the internal-combustion engine over 2500 rpm, the experience is otherworldly. At low rpm, the engine will still feel truly monstrous as the combined torque is unbelievable. The fun of shifting down and planning for the acceleration is quickly forgotten and not missed. It needs to be experienced”

The production of this model is quite limited. There are 80 Regeras produced, and each comes with the beginning price of $1,890,000 without extra taxes or fees. The price is appealing at first, but if you consider all the outstanding features of the masterpiece, it is much a bargain!