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Mercedes SLS AMG – the most mysterious black super car on road

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The Mercedes SLS AMG, which was renamed SLS AMG GT in 2012, is a car that will never disappoint you primarily due to its fabulous gullwing doors. Every time the doors are open, this SLS AMG turns out to be a flying car. An impressive appearance looking from the outside is enough to persuade high-demanding customers. What is more, the engine of this SLS AMG is also a plus. The powerful, thunderous 6.3-liter V8 engine enables the car to achieve outstanding speeds in a few seconds.
The owner seated inside the SLS AMG shall feel like a hooligan who rocks this world with the naughty monster the SLS AMG. It is super-fast mated to a 7-speed dual clutch automatic transmission together with rear wheel drive.

One particular thing you can easily recognize about any production car from Mercedes is that the style and design are exclusive, luxurious and well appointed. The car is five and a half feet long and weighs 8.8 pounds. The carbon fiber drive shaft located between the engine and the rear transaxles is as high as the height of a female driver and as heavy as the weight of a gallon of gas.

The Mercedes SLS AMG is obviously a super sports car which is still well managed at the weight of 3858 pounds, about 300 pounds lighter than the McMerc. What about the price? Well, it is stated at $225,000 which is quite affordable for those who desire to have one.

Now let’s get down into a closer look at this incredible SLS AMG regarding technical features and facts.

Technical features and facts


The most impressive and distinctive feature looking from the outside is the roof-hinged gullwing doors which are a tribute to the legendary 300SL Gullwing. However, Mercedes already tried to make this SLS AMG different from the 300SL so that the SLS was not a retro car at all. For Mercedes, the SLS AMG is the most advanced and innovative sports car in the world today.

Of course, the gullwing doors are spectacular. It is easy and convenient to access the SLS through these doors. Only one problem remains. Drivers need to have long arms to reach the handles at the bottom of each door to have them closed.


The cabin inside the SLS AMG is simple, and there are no needless ornaments. Most of the car’s structure is an AMG design except for the shifter. The instrument cluster is clear and easy to read. Besides, the center console has an aluminum finish, and you can choose to replace this aluminum material with carbon fiber.

The long bonnet, stunning air vents, and the port tail are amazing and gorgeous. The seats are beautifully covered with trimmed leather and red stitching. If you want to change the seatbelt color, you can choose red.

Engine and speed

The engine is facilitated with 6.3 liter V8 to create 583 bhp which is enough to deliver a giggling experience like an idiot. When you push the throttle, you will hear the thunderous sounds of the V8 engine that you usually hear at a Formula 1 or NASCAR race. There are some hilarious bangs from the exhaust. The maximum output is 563 horsepower to deliver 6800 rpm and reach the peak torque of 479 pound-feet at 4750 rpm.

The SLS AMG engine management is built to recharge the battery during deceleration. This aims to satisfy emission requirements from the EU. Furthermore, the SLS version is the first Mercedes production car which uses a dual clutch seven-speed transmission. The transaxle is mounted at the rear and connected to the engine by a drive shaft made of carbon fiber.

Regarding speed, the SLS AMG is outstanding. Mercedes claims that the acceleration time of 0-62 mph is 3.7 seconds and the SLS’s top speed is 199 mph. This makes the SLS is nearly as fast as the Ferrari 458 Italia.

Ride and Handling

The SLS provides you with four modes, and you can select your mode via the “Drive-Unit” button on the center console. Such modes range from comfortable to extremely sporty. When the car runs in second gear, you already choose “C” which stands for “Controlled efficiency.” “S” stands for “Sport” and at this mode, the SLS is 20% faster. “S+” means “Sports Plus” pushing the car extra 20% quicker compared to the “S” mode.“M” means “Manual” at which the SLS is fully 50% faster than “C.”

Regarding corners, you can brake hard, and the car nose shall dip before you can bend it. The carbon ceramic brakes are 15.8 inches in diameter at the front and 14.2 inches at the back. They are powerful and good at responding. When you floor the throttle, the rear end might slide, but such oversteer is not difficult to control.

Therefore, the SLS becomes more balanced. One more factor that helps the car maintain its balance well is the weight distribution of 48% in the front and 52% in the back. Besides, the traction is supported by the traction system and limited slip differential mechanism. For this reason, the car sticks well to the ground. The faster the SLS runs, the more stable and reliable the car becomes.

CO2 and running costs

The SLS emits around 308g/km of CO2 while running on the road. The difference in CO2 emission seems to be the same among super cars at this price. Mercedes claims 21.4 mpg for the SLS but only 15 mpg if you drive this car regularly. With each year goes by, the value of the SLS shall depreciate by 50,000 Pounds, which is depressing and frightening.

To sum up

Now that you have obtained yourself interesting information about the fabulous SLS with outstanding gullwing doors. It is equipped with a thunderous V8 engine to make it growl on the road, and the driver is like a naughty hooligan. Isn’t this SLS rebellious? I guess each ride shall leave you the mind-blowing and a once-in-a-lifetime experience you will never forget.