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SLR McLaren Mercedes – The unexpectedly amazing super car for landscape ride

Are you like us? I mean we’re currently looking for the superior yet expensive supercar that boasted in excess of 200 mph and can sprint from 0 - 60 mph under 4 seconds! If so, then we’re EXCITED to find the one at last - SLR McLaren Mercedes, which combines the most incredible of German technology with the expert McLaren’s engineering skill.

However, SLR is unlikely to jump into your shopping list since its new one costs a half-million dollars. “Very fast” and “very expensive” are the two most common words everyone tend to describe it. Well, the SLR McLaren is just more of a ground-breaking sports car when being able to deliver all the thrills of every sexy race championship. How about you? Would you like to stay in the most exclusive driver’s seat in the world?

Ready to just say, “wow”!

Despite the flattering words about its performance, some people claim that the car’s hefty weight and the shortage of driver involvement would reject its identity as a supercar or a grand tourer. Further, its price is now at over £ 320,000, which is very costly as compared to other supercars. During the run, there was a sudden snap of wheelspin by the time its stability control interfered to re-balance the shockingly tidal wave against the car’s grip from its 295/3oZR-19.

Encountering such a condition is really crazy and unpredictable, especially when we must tackle different and massive grip variations. Nevertheless, the whole ride is undeniably fascinating and challenging enough for us to take the moment to say “wow”! This 5.4-liter supercharged V-8 engine merely hurtles the SLR down the runway with the deep staccato beat and powerful rumbling overtones.

In-Depth Review | Driving Performance

Hellaciously fast speed, omnipresent torque, daily versatility.

Controversial styling, poor packaging for taller and bigger drivers

An appealing classic in the making that can soak up bumpy roads

According to some testers, they claim the SLR to be quite heavy for a high-performance car, and it even utilizes a relatively low-tech 5-speed automatic transmission lent from the Mercedes Maybach. But that only does less to blunt the car’s impressive performance, so its unit growing 626 bhp (brake horsepower) at 6500 rpm (rotations per minute) is sufficient to push the car from 0-62mph within 3.8 seconds and to 208 mph at the top speed. One of the most outstanding parts of the SLR this time is how amazingly it can manage to put the power down without making much fuss!

Speaking of its overall design, though the car is quite big and bulky, it still can handle pretty well with its incredible agility and zest. It’s capable of altering the direction neatly and it feels so much nimble than its hefty look and sheer width. Besides that, its carbon-fiber chassis that owns low height yet power will never let your experience a poor ride! As a matter of fact, SLR McLaren Mercedes is very taut, but the suspension in the car can suck in any rough roads perfectly - this reminds us of the fluency and suppleness of a limousine.

Apart from those great features, it’s such a pity for all the driver’s amazing performance, the car’s brakes let them down with a seemingly lifeless pedal. When the steering gets fast, direct, and precise, it somewhat steals away the feel of Porsche and Ferrari most drivers enjoy. Alright, so let’s open the gullwing doors that usually open silently on the gas struts to see inside the cabin.

The interior space feel likes an old-school Mercedes, which is not a bad thing at all. Besides, the SLR also owns a bit large steering wheel as well as the smart ergonomics in every corner.

In our personal opinions, for a 200 mph sports car, such a cabin that is short of the electronic gadgets won’t satisfy most purchasers’ high expectations. And once observing it closely, you can see how its pedal parking brake is covered with an old-fashioned design plus another long and restricted rear visibility. Therefore, such features easily make any neat parking become trickier!

Does it have the most comfortable ride and seats?

Again, after flipping to open the SLR’s scissor doors, you’re welcome by an amusingly snug cabin with 2 seaters. As for a large car like that, its packaging is a bit poor for taller drivers. Once getting inside, there are the carbon-fiber bucket seats right in front that appear extremely comfortable with the electrical adjustment. For us, it’s simple, unique, and different from other supercars.

Let’s just say how beautifully it is built up of the top-notch leathers, carbon-fiber, and reliable plastics. In general view, the car looks superb ergonomic and highly refined as well as well-insulated from all the wind noises, trails, and tracks. What we can hear on the go is the engine’s rumbling sound and the supercharger’s whine that invades the cabin during our increase of the speed.

Less Equipment than we thought!

Clearly, SLR McLaren Mercedes is primarily intended for a smooth ride and accurate handling though these two traits are not exclusive anymore nowadays. The car still deserves to be a creature of comfort and power that can make you wow on the road. However, there’s one thing certain about this model: It’s rarely packed with equipment - no DVD-based sat-nav, no touch display unit for climate adjustment or any entertainment system available.

About Its Safety

Highly appreciating the SLR’s outstanding safety standards, we’re excited to know that its solid carbon-fiber chassis is just 4 times stiffer and more powerful than a classic Mercedes saloon. Not only that, the car’s crumple zones have been updated to potentially suffer the brunt of the harshest of any high-speed collision. Also, it also fits well with all 4 airbags, ensuring the higher security on the road.

Interestingly, you get to see a pop-up rear wing run throughout the braking action for added stability and control. No wonder why the SLR is one of the most secure vehicles on the street, according to Mercedes. Both drivers and passengers are all guarded, thanks to the air-bags, seat belts, and belt-force limiters. Greater than expected, the SLR hasn’t been crash tested by NHTSA (the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) or the IIHS (the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety).

Final Word

We agree that this extravagant sports car is just another look-at-me work of art, but unlike other supercars that don’t usually put a great focus on practicality, the SLR McLaren Mercedes is much better than any of them. And once driving it, you will be bonding with the SLR, preferring those carbon-ceramic brakes, set your mind at ease with the direct steering, and finally consuming the roads as fast as you can.

As for its interior styling, the car looks so decent and even the outside of it is much better, so no wonder why there are many people willing to blow a little bit money to make themselves look more stylish.

So is it like a grand tourer? Definitely not! Or a hardcore supercar? Its soft-top claims not, but only the most enjoyable lolloping car for a landscape ride, or just everywhere you go.