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Ferrari LaFerrari - The strongest supercar of this famous brand name 800

Among so many exotic sports hypercars, there’s the one - the most evocative hybrid hypercar in the world today, Ferrari LaFerrari. Its 789 Horsepower V-12 engine is supported by another crazy boost from 161- hp electric motor, so no wonder why its speed can rev up like a Bugatti Chiron but still easily guzzling less fuel. What more we can say about this object of desire?

Ferrari has now succeeded in releasing the brand new images of a soft-top version of the hybrid hypercar, and it aims at both customers and collectors who truly want to own it. What we know about it is how the LaFerrari is available now with the carbon-fiber hard top and soft top - it’s capable of retaining the 800-hp V12 engine along with its 120-kW electric motor as compared with its original version.

Test Driving only tells a part of the whole story

Once putting it to test on the Fiorano circuit, which is almost 2 miles long plus a 13-turn rollercoaster that was built on where used to be the Italian farmland. The track brings us the major limitations to the usual testing procedures because it there’s not much roomy space to actually speed up out of the quarter-mile. However, here are the results:

0 - 60 mph: 2.5 seconds
0 - 100 mph: 4.8 seconds
0 - 150 mph: 9.8 seconds
Standing ¼-mile: 9.8 seconds @ 150 mph

That’s it but at the track this time, LaFerrari seems to potentially produce the fastest possible acceleration to 150 mph of any supercars. To reach 150 mph, the car is stated to be 1.5 seconds faster than the early Bugatti Veyron 16.4 that was once tested in 2008. On the other hand, the car can traverse the quarter-mile in the similar 9.8 seconds like how the Porsche 918 Spyder did. However, its performance is considered to be even more remarkable in the rear-wheel drive. What makes a lot of fans excited about is none other than Ferrari’s launch control that is facile to promote consistent rides, and its 4-wheel drive totally gives it the first advantage.

Go beyond 60 mph, the 3489-weighted LaFerrari’s superpower-to-weight ratio enables the car to pull away from its 3724-weighted 918. Its 950 hp can produce a 3.7-pound per Hp ratio. Though Fiorano is not the perfect place for normal tests because it’s just a racetrack after all. After this straight-line testing the strongest supercar, we’re fully aware that numbers are just far from the entire account. In other words, those numbers can’t uncover what it really did.

However, just like any other racing kart, there appear both slips and slides occurring in the LaFerrari, but we’re pretty sure that none of them can make you feel so lethal or shocked. Therefore, you might not see any snapping or twitchiness taking place during your powerful drive. Well, we can’t blame since it goes with the soul of a racing kart, which means it has the ability to slide itself. Honestly, the limit is not actually a cliff but much like a steep ramp, so going off the edge does not really mean you falling.

It’s so Go-Kart Like!

Back to its seating position that is also go-kart-like, especially when all seats are set low with the backrest that is so laid back. Besides, what’s more amazing here is how such a hellaciously quick car like the LaFerrari can raise the driver confidence so fast despite his ridiculous performance. We’re happy that the car is not a type of nervous car but only alert and ready anytime and anywhere.
Right at the center of the supercar, behind its carbon-fiber seating positions, there’s an aspirated V12 engine yielding 790 bhp at 9000 rpm. These outputs are just enough to make LaFerrari itself become more potent and powerful than the last V12 engine of the Scuderia Ferrari, the 412T in 1995.

In addition, beneath the seats is a 60kg lithium ion battery pack, which, through its electric motor weighing 25.7kg, produces an extreme 160 bhp and 199lb ft for outputs of 950bhp and 715lb ft. Now change the attention to LaFerrari’s exotic cabin, as we’d expect, it’s indeed tiner and more personal than anyone ever anticipates! There was about 30mm more headroom here than that of its Enzo Ferrari. It’s ideally made to accommodate every driver who tends to wear a crash helmet.

When it comes to the driving place, it’s lower in height with a fixed seating position yet movable steering peel. Ferrari also claims that position to be half way between a sports car and a Formula 1 car - The backside seat is at the same height as the toes. So you can sit against the wall with both arms and legs stretched out yet a bit flexed, holding on tight to a breathtaking steering wheel. Don’t be hesitant to shift that bum forwards to let the back stay comfortably at an angle of 32 degrees against the wall. In this case, you might get a sense of how this single-seater position really feels.

What’s it like to drive stupidly fast?

You will find yourself extremely vibrating and excited when pressing the starter button before rumbling out on to the racing track. It kind of feels smooth, spooky, and calm at the same time, but also gives out an old school feeling. More amusingly, the brake pedal also feels so much light underfoot but you still feel a bit rippling with your own feet.

LaFerrari just explodes down straight on the half throttle in the 4th gear, which you achieve from integrating the electric power with its great V12. Undeniably, the entire transformation of this supercar is indeed smooth that you’ve just never realized that it really happens. Further than that, it makes us feel like riding in a car powered by the 10-litre V12 engine that owns the wild low rev response simultaneously.

Sure enough, there is not a huge level of feel, but that never happens with Ferrari’s hydraulic system. Let’s pass on in nudges to better release the grip on the wide wheel since the car loves the smooth inputs. Doing this way allows us to bring it up close to the limits without damaging the balance of this heavy car.

How about its regenerative braking?

Apart from the carbon-ceramic rotors, the LaFerrari can slow down thanks to the air brakes and its electric motor. The whole braking will take some load off the discs and it’s the air brake that can add more downforce to stabilize the car. The hard braking action asks us to use a lot of pedal pressure, so the ABS (anti-lock brake system) would come in strangely late. While keeping the brakes later and later on the track, there’s no a hint of fade or change in its firm resistance at all.

Final Word

Ferrari LaFerrari is recognized as a wonderful successor to Ferrari Enzo, especially when it’s so much easier and sweeter supercar to drive on the road ever! It makes you feel like a big hero when allowing you to freely slide it around to play with some of the spirit and challenge. Well, we can’t expect anything better than that - from the car that we’ve waited so long, and now it has come with the ultimate distillation of acceleration and even a magnum opus of the Ferrari.