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BMW M5 - extraordinary speed - legendary saloon of supercars

The BMW M5 formula is described as big, extraordinarily fast, and spectacular to drive. Let's take a closer look at the features of the formula.

Back in 1985, the BMW M5 formula is what created and defined sport car salons over the world. Nowadays, people around the world are enjoying the fifth generation of the model. It inherits the merits of its predecessors and is significantly improved. People are stunned by BMW M5's 552bhp, twin-turbo V8-powered. If we are put in the situation of choosing BMW M5 and Mercedes E63, the answer is certainly BMW M5. BMW M5 is equipped with incredible speed and relaxing cruisers, which defines what is 'love at first sight'.
Car experts often describe the BMW M5 as an incredible super-saloon, which is a great combination of bristling performance and the practicality of a luxurious five-seat model. Accordingly, you shouldn't be so surprised at the pretty high price of a BMW M5 car. One of the cons that we should mind you is that the model is fairly petrol consuming, so prepare yourself for each petrol pump stop.
Since its birth in 1985, BMW has made efforts to give out successive generations of M5. Every time when a new generation of M5 was introduced people loving cars from all over the world cannot help buzzing. The first model made enthusiasts fell head over heels for its owing to a six cylinder engine making 311hp. In 1998, the third generation made a revolution to V8 power, and then in 2005, the new one was bestowed upon an amazing 5.0-litre V10, which promoted the power to 500bhp.

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The current version of the M5 on sale was brought into the light in 2011. There was a little disappointment of a down-sized V8 of just 4.4-litre capacity. However, the model was deemed by a twin turbo, which can deliver up to 552bhp. That means the model is much faster than its predecessors. At the time being, there are only two notable rivals of BMW M5, which are the Mercedes-AMG E63, and the Jaguar XF-R.

Despite the fact that in the past, there were M5 estate variants, the current M5 formula comes as a saloon only. Some people may think it is a demerit. However, the generation is specified by a Performance Pack which offers what called racier styling tweaks as well as a 15bhp power upgrade.
The BMW M5 is quite outstanding in the list of 5-series models, especially when you’ve got the optional features of bigger 20-inch alloy wheels and lowered suspension. Those features are offered in the Competition Package. If you don't want to add those new characteristics to your car, you can go well with 19-inch wheels, an M-specific steering wheel, sports seats and, stunning interior details.

We can quickly name some of the great characteristics of BMW M5, which are the quick-fire seven-speed double-clutch automatic transmission, a myriad of chassis dynamic techs offered by the technical team of BMW, the M5 incredible steering with adaptive power, and other efficiency aids such as the innovated braking and auto start/stop. BMW also claims that the vehicle can reach 28mpg, but you must be a speed ghost to achieve it.

Specific figures of engines, performance, and driving

Performance is what M5 takes pride in. Its acceleration is unbelievable. It only takes you just 4.3 seconds to get from 0-62mph. The process only stops at 155mph, when the electronic limiter interferes. If you are a car guru, you can realize that those figures match exactly those of the Mercedes E63 AMG and half a second faster than the Jaguar XFR when it comes to the time to get from 0-62mph. Besides, BMW M5 is bestowed upon a seven-speed twin-clutch gearbox, which will help the model handle the power pristinely. In the cases of the old models, there was only the dated semi-automatic system. Now, the situation has changed. What's more, the M5 can give you an immersive driving experience when you desire.

MPG, CO2 and activating costs

2If you choose a super-saloon as your vehicle, don't you ever expect it to be low-cost. If the price of an M5 is too high for you, then you shouldn't consider it because of the huge amount of spending on petrol you have to pay in the future. However, M5 is a better choice than other super-saloons. The model is improved, claimed that it will manage 28.5mpg. The figure means it is ahead of the less powerful Jaguar XFR (whose the figure is only 22.5mpg) and on the same level with the Mercedes E63 AMG (whose the figure is 28.8mpg). However, it is worth being noted that your back tires will suffer soon due to the feature that all 552bhp goes through the rear wheels.

Interior, exterior design, and technology

The subtle, graceful styling is the key to the magnificent appeal of BMW M5. The model is noted by a secure body kit, graceful M badges, 19-inch alloy wheels and enormous vented brakes. Were it not to those features, you will easily take it for a 535d M Sport.

Practicality, comfort and interior space

4The M5 stands between the Jaguar XFR and Mercedes E63 AMG in the race of creating the greatest boot space. It gets 520 liters of space behind the rear seats, compared to 500 liters and 540 liters of Jaguar XFS and Mercedes E63 AMG respectively. However, folding seats is counted as an optional feature, not fixed like they do in a standard Jaguar. The cabin space is considerable, though, and the truth is the generation is much more spacious than its predecessor. Whether you’re sitting behind the wheel or in the back, you can enjoy the comfort of your seats in the luxurious model. Moving in the car make your days astonishing without doing anything.

Safety and Dependability

The BMW M5 gives out the luxurious feeling of a top-quality product whether you are stepping inside or just standing nearby.

Nowadays, the model is one of the safest executive cars in the market. The M5 is equipped with six airbags and standardized stability control comes. Therefore, nobody seems surprised when the M5 gains a five-star score in the Euro NCAP crash tests.


After pondering the features listed above, have you decided to own a BMW M5 for yourself? You should, because being in the model is one of the most fascinating experience ever.