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McLaren 650S – the most muscular super car on road

Want to know more about the amazing and muscular McLaren 650S? Check this review now to obtain excellent knowledge about this super car.


In short words, McLaren 650S is a more muscular, faster and more assertive in appearance than the previous model 12C. This 650S is a new production car introduced and launched by the British super car manufacturer McLaren. The 650S is obviously the upgraded version of the 12C and available in the coupe. When it comes to price, the 650S is about 20,000 Pounds higher than the 12C, which costs you from 195,250 Pounds.
Regarding highlighted technical features, the 650S’s performance is beyond your imagination with the power output increases to 641bhp and 500lb ft compared with that of the 12C, which are 616bhp and 442lb ft. A considerable difference and upgrade can impress any super car owners.

Now let’s talk a little bit about the speed. McLaren claims that the 650S can reach 60 mph from 0 in 2.9 seconds and 100 mph in only 5.7 seconds. Well, that makes McLaren outstanding in the super car market place. Even the amazing McLaren F1 takes more than half a second longer to reach 100 mph from 0. The 650S' top speed is 207 mph.

In general, this 650S’s overall performance is mind blowing thanks to the reworked engine from the 12C with new pistons, exhaust valves, revised cam timing and cylinder heads.

Now it’s time for us to have a closer look at this super car McLaren 650S regarding special facts and technical features.

Ride and handling

What is it like driving the 650S on the road? Let’s check the review on the driving and handling. Choose the middle gear and get ready to be flabbergasted. Then, floor the throttle. The mid-range turbo torque blends into a cascade of glass sharp power and here comes the beyond-expectation McLaren 650S. Its performance is way better off than V8 Ferrari and V10 Lambo.

Furthermore, the steering makes you feel a sense of reliability and confidence. The roll-control system is accountable for car balance maintenance and responsiveness when your super car is moving fast and in small corners. Chassis parameters and powertrain variants can be tuned to enable your 650S to be suitable for the road.

Corrugations and bumps won’t slow you down. Besides, the brake steer system and the stability control shall clamp the car to the road you have just steered. When you change your driving mode to the Track mode, the body control is even tighter. The car tail swishes under power and lift.

Compared with the 12C, the spring rates of the 650S are enhanced by 22% at the front and 37% at the rear, thereby leaving some impact on the ride quality but not seriously. With the additional 58lb over the 12C, the 650S is beyond your imagination under full acceleration.


Visually, there is a large gap between the McLaren 650S and the 12C. The biggest difference that can be told from the appearance is the new headlights in the front. On the other hand, the interior is remarkably good with better visibility and habitability. The fixed back seats covered with Alcantara are so snug and sturdy that anyone with a BMI over 20 had better forget about sitting on them comfortably. Occupant space is, on the contrary, roomy.

Furthermore, the center stack, door consoles and steering wheel are facilitated with carbon fiber, which delivers a strong impression on the viewers. The wheel is flat-bottomed but excellently proportioned. It is located a little high and upright allowing more reach adjustment. Also, this 650S’s wheels are designed for steering with purity and simplicity.

What is more, an instrument cluster with an LCD screen on the side and a small digital speedometer are placed right in the middle. The aluminum shift paddle moves together with the steering wheel and is wrapped around by aluminum control stalks.

In the cabin storage, two cupholders and a tray are equipped and placed behind the center console. The Bluetooth system is good. The sound quality allows voice calls even at motorway speeds with the car roof off. The Bluetooth media supports the audio system with a lot of power and good listening quality.

After all, you can hardly find any needless ornaments in the 650S. Details in this 650S are better than what you might get from a number of rival super cars.

Running costs

McLaren has been on their way to fix quality woes to achieve better records of upgrades to their existing cars. The McLaren 650S claims 24.2 mpg and 275g/km CO2 output which are impressive regarding power produced. Let’s take an example of Porsche 911 Turbo S for a clearer comparison. Accordingly, Porsche 911 claims 23.8 mpg on a tour run and 18.1 mpg on overall average. That is to say, McLaren’s record is though not an exceptional. However, just face it. The whole experience is expensive.


Some technical features relevant to the 650S are as below:

- Engine: V8, 3799cc, twin-turbo
- Max power: 641 bhp at 7500 rpm
- Max torque: 500 lb at 6000 rpm

To make these figures more meaningful, you can compare the 650S’s performance with other super cars like a Ferrari 458 Special and Porsche 911 GT3. The 650S obviously proves to be a better car regarding overall performance but without rawness in habitability and ride quality. Regarding output, the 650S with 641 bhp can easily beat 597 bhp of the Ferrari 458 and 468 bph of the Porsche 911.

To sum up

The 650S is a more distinctive McLaren identity than the McLaren 12C. Its power output allows it to outweigh even the McLaren F1 to reach 100 mph from 0 in 5.7 seconds. The feeling of driving the 650S is unforgettable and mind blowing. Imagine yourself heading across villages and towns, then highways. This muscular monster makes it outstanding. A saying goes “The rich are different.” That’s what this 650S is all about, high quality worthy of expensiveness.
MacLaren 650S 2014 3.8 Spider