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Crazy Fast, Crazy Topless Lamborghini Aventador SV 2017

To kick off a completely new series, let’s start with one of our favorite cars of all time: The Lamborghini Aventador SV LP 750 - 4, a legendarily desirable car for those who like to drive fast and want to be seen driving fast on the road! Ready to make that dream a reality?

This is the hottest Aventador than ever!

Think about blowing away almost half a million bucks now as you can’t imagine how much it’s possible to cram into the limit of this “automative god” of speed. So you can get yourself one Ducati Multistrada, a Honda RC30, or a BMW M5, but hey, it’s not fair to compare Lamborghini supercar with such a hoard of mouldy bikes.

But Why Do You Must Consider One? It’s because what you need is a car that can get along with your Superman cape, or basically when you’ve been waiting too long for a LaFerrari, so spewing money for an Aventador SV would be the best possible thing to do now. And interestingly, the owner of Lamborghini won’t have to care much about the experiences, if it can’t make everyone around him aware of how rich he is. But don’t deny it, since the car looks fucking sexy that you just want it right away!
Back to the olden days, when most of the performance cars own extremely lithe shapes to perfectly cheat the wind and capture everyone’s hearts. You can totally understand as someone suddenly catches a quick glimpse of you howling in your own shiny Italian machinery! It’s no wonder why you can find yourself as an unwitting star and more famous in the eyes of others.

Are you one of the drivers looking for attention on the road? Forget about others, when Lamborghini is hard to beat. Once owning one, post yours at any place of the street, which surely does better than any other darling on Instagram (bikini girls and cliff jumps) and wait for hundreds of “likes” from those who are jealous of you, or your Lambo longing-like post and don’t miss adding hashtags to it (#aventador, richkidsofinstagram, etc).

And one more reason why you should choose this best-driving Lambo to date as soon as possible is how it is “immensely entertaining.”

The Latest Aventador Lineup

Skipping over the Aventador’s latest generations, we can tell that it’s filled up with the roadster and mental SV Coupe. For the SV, the car keeps racing on with the 6.5-liter V-12 at 7-speed single clutch, and obviously, it’s commonly recognized as an AWW Aventador (all-wheel-drive system). Its horsepower moves from 691 to 740 with the quarter miles evaporating in 10.4. Besides, despite the fact that SV has been claimed to be lightened by 200lbs yet it still makes the owner feel like 500 pounds heavier than its half-priced Huracan. But in a lot of ways, make a return to Lamborghini Aventador SV, which might bring you a lot of drama while is totally amazing to drive fast through the air. Look at its fastest production car ever, the ceAventador LP 750-4 Supervelo, which is an outstanding upgrade from its Countach LP 500s before. Once comparing these twos together, the first difference is clearly the age: While the Countach gets around 375HP and 420Nm of torque, the Superveloce takes these figures to the whole next level, 750HP, and 690Nm.

Beyond than expectations, the new SV is just 50kg lighter than a “standard” Aventador in terms of boosted aerodynamics and magneto-rheological damper design - to increases its supreme stability on the road. Visually, it’s every bit fantastic and spectacular that you just can’t get eyes off it, yet even more impressively, it’s topless at the top speed of 350km/h (217mph).

The Exterior

It’s damn sexy! Owning an open-top gives Lamborghini a unique way to earn more money out of its standard design. Being sharp, angular and faceted naturally offers it an appearance that no other car has. Every element of a supercar has been added on to promise the car’s extreme lightness and coolness, in line with the overall Lamborghini’s one-of-a-kind design and style.

By the use of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer and other amazing Italian materials, it makes all things possible to happen, from the reduction in weight to the new specs. Once rolling on the street, this sporty nature of Lamborghini Aventador SV can be easily recognized in every line. That’s because of the fantastic choice of refined materials, covering the ultra-lightweight carbon fiver (a flexible fabric - like material combined with a polymer) made for bumpers and spoilers. Besides, you properly notice its major exterior changes over a standard Aventador, from its upgraded bumpers, wheels, spoiler and a whole lot more.

The Interior

Undoubtedly worthy of the Raging Bull insignia, this AWW car gains more power than its Aventador Superveloce even from the interior. It once again demonstrates the brand’s commitment to taking the car to its greatest essence. The cabin is way more like a “fighter jet cockpit” than a normal car interior. This sets the tone for what is exactly an insane driving experience.

As for the bucket seats here, they’re all thinly and beautifully-padded, yet the shortage of lumbar support could make the car feel a bit uncomfortable over the long journeys. By the way, the seats are set a bit high, giving us a thought that its headroom is restricted for those who are more than 6 feet tall. For those who still have no idea, the original SV used to be based on the Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk - a twin-engine stealth bomber aircraft. They did that by adding an on/off button alike to the joystick of a fighter jet.

Another plus for it is the amazing view forwards - great thanks to the car’s low scuttle, absolutely creates a great impression of motion. Also, its 2 gigantic door mirrors and 1 backup camera definitely make you feel surprisingly manageable.

Driving Dynamics

Equipped with the spontaneously aspirated V12 engine and the capability of managing it whenever you need, Lamborghini Aventador SV brings out an excellent dynamic behavior, coming from an impeccable effort of the whole team. Each of the SV’s component has been elaborately chosen and calibrated to ensure the maximized performance of the car that owns as little weight as possible.

Not just the throttle response to the electric levels is improved but also the SV’s steering and 4-wheel-drive system. It’s all about going fast everywhere, which can tell how agile and alert it really is, in a way that a standard car is not. It’s partially due to the reduced weight and adaptive dampers that can keep its whole movements more controlled. The revolutionary steering is also fast, constantly adapting the force used to run the steering wheel and ratio for a better maneuverability and increased stability.


It’s a damn sexy and mind-blowingly fast car and with it, you sound even more amazing. With an exotic look and extreme capability, the SV displays such an enjoyment with a combo of who the driver will be with, what roads or weather he’s handling. There’s no doubt about it, Lamborghini Aventador SV is surely a likable car, especially when there’s more to it than just the speed, well, just get in the car and exploit its excessive performance.