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Gumpert Apollo - one of top 10 fastest cars in the world 800

Many people argues that the Gumpert Apollo Sport is the fastest car in the world. Objectively, it's excellent enough to be put in top 10 at least.

To be more specific, I will go further in the real speed of the model. It is capable to blast past 60mph in only three seconds. The Gumpert Apollo Sport can totally go up to 224mph with the inherent 700bph

Professional racing driver Florian Gruber was the one doing the task of acid test performance for the model. After scorching around the 13-mile lap in 7 minutes 11.57 seconds, he brought the Gumpert Apollo to the position of fresh record holder at the Nürburgring.

Talking about the origin of the car, we should know about Roland Gumpert. Roland Gumpert used to be the head of the motorsport division of Audi in the 1980s. He contributes a lot to the success of the brand. More precisely, in his working time, Gumpert oversaw four World Rally Championship wins and introduced four-wheel drive, which helps form Audi's Quattro-derived future. However, he and his close friend Roland Mayer, who is also the head of Audi tuner Motoren Technik Mayer, ha been dreaming about their own car which could take the ground from the Ferrari Enzos or Pagani Zondas.

The Gumpert Apollo Sport is the result of a long process taken off in 2004. The model is a perfect combination of straight edges and vicious wings. The form of Gumpert Apollo takes after a military car's, which we find fantastic. The £400,000 price range may make someone think back, but it's definitely worthy. The clear cut firepower is what make people have to glance back whenever you go by.

The Gumpert company also comes up with an 800bhp version, which is a bit too aggressive. Besides, there is a model which has less downforce and a higher top end, earning the record at the Nürburgring.

One of the significances of Gumpert Apollo is the heavy gullwing door. There is a hulking sill necessitating dexterity and getting rid of the racing styled steering wheel. To perfect the appearance of Gumpert Apollo, the manufacturer adorns it with leather and Alcantara. Frilly as it may sound, once you look at the interior design, you will not help falling for it.

Further looking inside, you will see the seats are racing shells with light padding. In addition, there are three pedals, a big gear lever, and nothing else notable. We cannot find a rear view mirror.

The Apollo Sport, however, is a supercar. It is not built only for regular traveling, so you will be stunned by the speed it can make. Once the twin-turbo, 4.2-litre V8 engine is started, the more than 1,200kg of spaceframe chassis and carbon-fibre can go fastly up to an intimidating speed.

The tires are well-known for its traction control, which keeps themselves from burning when the Gumpert Apollo Sport breaks through all the limits and reach 60mph and 125 mph in 3sec and 9.1sec respectively.

When the engine is activated, you will find the noise generated by the V8 and twin- turbo unique even if you are an expert on supercars. The noise doesn't have the special tone which can be found in a Ferrari V12, but owns the spectacular sheer brute, animalistic aggression, and exotic turbo wastegates sound each time the gear changes.

The car is also all-roundedly protected. Though the limit speed of Gumpert Apollo Sport is quite high, you can rest assured because the downforce is incredible. According to mathematical figures, when the car reaches its full speed, it could run upside down on the ceiling! Sounding unbelievable, doesn't it? The faster Gumpert Apollo Sport goes, the better it sticks to the road.

The car is not built for wild sideways driving. It's a masterpiece aiming at precision, perfection. The steel brakes are able to scrub off the speed before any bend.

Just like any thoroughbred racing car's, Gumpert Apollo Sport's suspension is so firm that when Gumpert made effort to win the Nürburgring record, they had to soften the suspension.

When we were moving around the German capital in Gumpert Apollo Sport, even though our car was integrated with an optional hydraulic lifter to prevent the aerodynamic splitter from being damaged, and a good air-conditioning system to get rid of the heat generated by the engine, it's hard work. The tires would grab every rut on the road, and the hard suspension kept jabbing my spine. So I can say that it's not an ideal vehicle to move around in a city.

However, when we made our way to an open road, the experience was definitely majestic. It was such incredible experience that no one can forget. Just keep moving forwards in such high pace and enjoy the stares from people at the traffic lights. You will see the price of more than 400.000 is totally worthy.