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Legendary supercar Noble M600 from British 1000

Noble M600 is unique, incredible and awesome. It is like no other, considering both its performance and price.


The M600 comes from the British brand Noble is the latest product of the brand in creating Ferrari-challenging supercars. The car constructing process is launched in 2010, but not until 2017 that the car can appear in the public. The brand made such a big leap from Leicestershire-based Noble cars to this supercar which costs, for £200,000. Typically, a car from Noble costs only from £50-75,000. That is why the model can be seen as the new face of Noble.
So, if now you are about to own a Noble M600, you will have chances to enjoy the breathtaking experience just like sitting in a Ferrari F40 or McLaren F1. Noble M600 not only takes after the merits of those models but also possesses many improvements for better use. The model claims its position of a new legend of supercars by many remarkable features, which will be listed below.

The real experience of sitting in a Noble M600

One of the most remarkable significances of the Noble M600 is that its incredible engine comes from Volvo. It is a Volvo XC90. It was said that the engine of Noble M600 is a Yamaha-designed 4.4-litre V8. However, the initial design has been transformed, which means now it has up two turbochargers along the way, facilitating a hefty 650bhp limit. Noble M600 has the total weight of approximately 1,250kg. This means the ratio of power to weight of this car is about 530bhp per ton. The car, therefore, makes people think of a Bugatti look-alike with incredible speed.

Just like I have just said about the speed of Noble M600, it's incredible. Watch out, guys, the car is faster than you can imagine. Noble reckons the model will reach 60mph from the resting condition in mere three seconds, and 120mph in only 8.9 seconds. The car then goes up to 225mph. To be more precise, the acceleration process of the engine from 40-60mph takes only one second; and the same process from 100 to 120mph takes more two seconds. The speed is intimidating, and we can say that it is the hypercar territory.

However, Noble M600 has no ABS or stability control. The main electronic aid is the car's traction control. It is extremely essential. The electronic aid makes sure your car doesn't fly off the road at any bend or burn up the tires with its speed. So, make sure you don't turn it off by any chance. The manufacturer has seen the risk, so then cover the traction control button by a genuine flip-up cover. You can find the same cover in a Tornado fighter jet.

The button is not the only thing Noble has wisely made in advance. They also provide three engine power modes, which are, ‘road’, 'track', and 'race'. The 'road' mode offers a fairly sane power of 450bhp. The ‘track’ one moves up to 550bhp. And the ‘race’ power mode is fantastic, it can help you reach the full power of 650bhp. Racers around the world are buzzing about the marvelous power which can be brought about the Noble M600

Interior designs: layout, finish, and space

Despite the price of £200,000, which sounds so luxurious, the car is not frilly and complicated. Noble M600 is a back to basics performance car. You can see the inside of the car takes after that of the Ferrari F40. Noble M600 has no huge screen, no climate control options. The cockpit's design just focuses on a tight-fitting set of seats. Those seats will hold you securely in place when the car is moving at a high pace. You will find yourself shoulder-to-shoulder with you passenger. One more feature that shows the traditional inclination of the model is the stick-shift sic-speed. More modern supercars now have come to the new flappy-paddle gearboxes.

Should you own a Noble M600?

There are two things people often consider before buying a car: its reliability and its costs to run regularly. If you are familiar with the traditional models of Noble, you will see the price point of M600 is much higher than those in the past. In fact, it is a big leap in the number that no one can deny. However, we have to judge the price by the performance, and in the case of Noble M600, it is safe to say that the price is reasonable. Perhaps only the Bugatti Veyron could beat Noble M600 in the area.

Therefore, the Noble M600 seems like a bargain for many people. This is a super car with all the features people want from a racing car. So, the price of more than £200,000 is not as high as it sounds.

Our verdict

Noble M600 is an incredible car, with incredible speed, features, and a traditional look. Do you want to look like a classic gentleman on the track? It's high time to get yourself a Noble M600 to prove your superiority.