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'Monster' Lamborghini Veneno Showed Off The Impressive Design

"Monster" Lamborghini Veneno showed off the impressive design as a special gift for the company founder Ferruccio Lamborghini on his birthday.


Once Lambo put a comedian in parliamentand a pope in a helicopter, it came as no surprise that they made the "Monster" Lamborghini Veneno. According to the company, Veneno was named after a famous fighting bull. He was known as a murderbullthat was one of the strongest, fastest and most aggressive bulls ever. In 1914, he gorged a matador to death.


"Monster" Lamborghini Veneno showed off the impressive design on March 5th, 2013 in Geneva. It’s considered as a racing prototype. Production is limited to three versions. However, the one that was shown off was for testing. It is just a chassis, not one of the three final versions. With this Veneno, the company was saying that their styling language has been enhanced a lot.

Technical information of Lamborghini Veneno

This latest Lamborghini’s car is called a “Monster” because of the whole design. To reduce the weight, the body of the car is made 100% from carbon fiber reinforced polymer. Due to the lightweight design, it has the ratio of 1.93 kg/hp (4.23 CV/lbs). The power of the Veneno comes from the engine. The amazing 6.5-liter V-12 engine produces 740 horsepower for the car. The top reported speed is 355 kilometers per hour. The accelerationtakes 2.9 seconds to reach the speed of 100 kilometers per hour.

The front end works as a giant wing. It features an excellent airflow in order to push the nose into the ground. The muscled arches make the car stable by swooshing cooling air around the “monster”. Therefore, the hot engine can be cooled down; the lift is reducedwhile the downforce is increased. The Pirelli P Zero tires are 22-inch wheels in the rear and 20-inch wheels up front. They’re fitted with a pushrod suspension with horizontal spring-damper. For those who want quicker changes, it could meet their needswith center-locking hubs.

The impressive design you should not miss out

"Monster" Lamborghini Veneno showed off the impressive design to celebrate Lambo’s 50th anniversary. It costs around 4.6 million dollars. Its color is green, white or red (the three colors of the Italian flag) while the color of the show model was gray metallic. Its surfaces are tight while its lines are razor-sharp. It reminds us of the Le Mans racer. The design was remarkable with long boomerang headlights and extreme proportions. Its dorsal fin and roof-scoop make it look like the Audi that won the 24-Hour race in 2012.

The shape of the wheel openings isasymmetrical that makes it interesting and unique beside the significant Y-shaped elements in headlights and taillights and scissor doors. In addition, the design concept of it is based on aeronautics. Lamborghini wants to make you feel like you were flying on the road. The open roof is designed with fixed roll-bar system. The external mirrors are electrically operated, heated and foldable which is very convenient.

How about the interior?

When you look inside of the Veneno, it has all the features of a normal car, except for a radio. They like to think that music is theengine. The furniture is aluxury just like a fighter jet. The wraps are all hand-stitched Italian leather. The central tunnel and the sills also show the carbon fiber monocoque. The lightweight carbon fiber furniture still showed up in the area of the whole cockpit, the headliner and part of the seats. It also looks fashionable because of the large flat screen and green and red switches.

All those features above bringsextremely luxurious experiencesto drivers. It is tight and safe. Even the sudden turns are still smooth and comfortable. Because it is considered as a racing car, the ring at the top of the wheel is designed in red to urge the driver to go faster. You could drive confidently like you are not carrying anything even at the speed of 100 kilometers per hour.

Not anyone could buy this car. How the buyers are chosen based on their understanding the Lamborghini brand and their buying history. That means a generous cheque might not enough to make them sell you one. They have a history of doing this kind of thing, and they remainthis tradition. Aventador J is an example. It is made specifically for a wealthy man.

Final word

Remember the Sesto Elemento? In 2010, it was shown as a “technical demonstrator”. It was heavily carbon-fibred made. A year later, Stephan Winkelmann, boss of Lamborghini, said that he would sell only 20 cars to some wealthy customers. Just like the Sesto, it seemed like that Lamborghini would use the Veneno for rolling investments for their future products and special editions.