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SSC Ultimate Aero – Extreme supercar for ultra-rich individuals

Looking for an extreme supercar? Think of this SSC Ultimate Aero by checking this post right now.


SSC, which is formerly known as Shelby Super Cars, has already released another extreme supercar named the Ultimate Aero supercar. Like any other super sport car producers in the market place, SSC invented and launched this Ultimate Aero not only for simple driving into the sunset or sightseeing around the mountains.

This new model supercar owns a power plant that you have never seen before. From a quick look, this supercar shows off an elegant appearance yet impressive power output that any ultra-rich individuals might expect.
When being released in 2009, this Ultimate Aero was stated by the SSC engineering team that the power output was enhanced by 15%, the front fascia design was revamped, and a lot of interior features were upgraded.

Let’s see what facts and features of this supercar are that make it worthy of a price at $650.000.

Facts and features

The world’s fastest production car

SSC proudly states that its Ultimate Aero supercar possesses a theoretical speed of 270 mph. The Guinness Book of Records recognizes the top speed of Ultimate Aero car back in 2007. The maximum of 257.41 mph officially made this SSC Aero the world’s fastest supercar and left Bugatti Veyron behind, at least up to now.

Powerful new engine

This 2009 SSC Ultimate Aero is equipped with the more powerful new engine to be able to reach the highest speed of 270mph, which creates a new benchmark for supercars and continues to challenge the limits of production car technology.

The engine is assigned by SSC to an American company to achieve the unique fuel system requirements. One of the most important things attributable to the success of highest speed is due to the redesigned aggressive nose with advanced aerodynamics and carbon fiber louvers allowing an additional 20% of air into the radiators for cooling improvement.

Rear system

The improvement in this supercar’s overall performance is contributed much by the AeroBrakeTM – a rear spoiler system that is very useful and effective in braking situations. When the brake pedal is depressed, these rear spoilers activate up to additional 8”.

The pressure of brake decides the speed of the rear spoiler. The AeroBrakeTM shall be disabled for your driving in town or under situations where downforce and braking support are not necessary.


The revamped interior is also a big improvement of this 2009 Ultimate Aero supercar. The redesigned dash shows sleek, inset air vents and carbon fiber dash halves. The new gauge cluster is surrounded by carbon fiber accents running along the door sills. Such fiber accents continue onto a steering column which consists of speedometer and tachometer.

The center console combines a digital temperature control unit with tire pressure control using an Azentek PC based Infotainment unit, which offers all capabilities of a PC and processes this Aero’s diagnostic software.

To sum up

What do you think of this SSC Ultimate Aero with a two-way average speed of 256 mph, which is way faster than a $1.5 million Bugatti Veyron? I bet SSC company didn’t think much about breaking the world’s fastest supercar. On the contrary, they just invented it at their best, and they did it! This car is all about the image of a man with strong personality and confidence to ride on the world of his own.