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Zenvo ST1– The Maddest High - Speed Monster On The Roads

Why does the Zenvo ST1 become one high – speed monster on the roads? You will find the reasons in this review about its story in the automotive industry.


You might be surprised that Zenvo ST1 is produced from a peaceful mainland – Denmark. This country has been known as the restful atmosphere with several windmills, cakes and small criminate ratios. Denmark is a suitable place for living in a long period of time rather than making a high – speed monster on the roads like Zenvo ST1, but the miracles often appear in our lives.

A general overview of the Zenvo ST1

Zenvo ST1 was made by three persons who had produced the Koenigsegg CCXR and Bugatti Veyron before.
Their ideas are not creating a race weapon which surpasses the Veyron in the speed though the numbers of the Zenvo ST1 pointed out that it catches the maximum levels(0-62mph in 3.0sec and 233mph). They just want to make a car which everyone able to use it daily and increase the level of the engine as one high – speed monster in the roads.

The engine of Zenvo ST1 is rousted and superb like the Bugatti Veyron and the Koenigsegg CCXR once you test this intense motor in the races. This engine has been coming out since 2005, and until now, it is rated one of the best engines for racing cars like Zenvo ST1, Koenigsegg CCXR, and Bugatti Veyron.

The facts and features

The exterior

There is not any doubt about the exterior of the Zenvo ST1 because it looks beautiful and perfect. In the front end of the car, you will recognize that the race car usually has an angry face like a monster or a hungry shark. Due to having a mad mask, the ST1 refers its power in the whole face of the car.

The razor – edged borders on the hood have the sharp – cornered headlamps and making the frightening glance which could become a crucial standard for high – speed cars today. These lamps are kept by expanding air which boosting the amount of air like cooling tubes. Similarly, these brakes are inbuilt in the Zenvo as the cooling grills.

One point to pay attention to the cooling tubes is that you might not realize the real grills in other cars (except the BMW lines) because the fake products are made with high sophistication, and consumers could not recognize the difference.

When looking at the sides of the car, you can see the car has many lines along the length of both two doors to offer much more energy for the car. Unlike the front end, the rear end is more domesticated while comparing the overall of the car, and the rear end has been influenced from the Lexus LFA. Thus, the Zenvo ST1 seems to have the double vapors under the tail lamps.

On the one hand, the diffuser comes from the end point of the car which is another important part to help the Zenvo ST1 push the speed in the streets when it is running.

The interior

Leather and Alcantara are two main materials in the interior of this supercar. Therefore, these materials increase its unique feature in the inside cabin of the car. In the center panel, there are a lot of buttons to control other benefits like opening the window, adjusting the rear – view mirrors, etc.
The arrangement and the digital implement is not complex for drivers to handle other small devices in these components. Moreover, the car also might have one ginormous power which is inbuilt in the back of the interior to fit on two cabins.

The multi – media organization has the touchscreen platform, and it also has other clever functions such as GPS, Bluetooth, camera system, etc. The drivers could use and handle this system easily due to buttons in the center sheet.

The steering wheel has a normal cloth when you look at it for the first time though it is inbuilt from the carbon fiber material, and you enable to see this material in every high – speed cars as well.

The operating system

What does the engine of the Zenvo ST1? The Zenvo ST1 has a great power that you would not imagine - a 7.0-liter V-8 version which has the gasses - up and the dis – charged components.
Thanks to these elements, the motor could choke the responding whether the rev is low or high. You might see this feature in the same versions of the 1,104 horsepower at 6,900 rpm and catches the 1,054 pound-feet of torque at 4,500 rpm.

Furthermore, the Zenvo ST1 grasps the level of high – speed form (233 mph with between 0 and 60 mph at 2.69 seconds only per time clock). These powers are moved to the six – speed transference, and it will connect to domination as well as one grip - handle structure.

The motor of the Zenvo ST1has three main parts – normal (650bhp), sport (850bhp) and the race one (1104bhp). Therefore, you will be flexible to choose the speed to control and ride it in the suitable roads. Even if you want to try the race mode, it is also secure to handle the steering wheel as this mode is diminished.

The cost

Zenvo ST1 is not cheap as its high – quality materials and fancy design. The first price tag was 1.8 million USD in 2010. However, during this time, the price is not cooler than you might think to catch 1.02 million USD. This price is a general tag for most of the Zenvo ST1s because the price also depends on the inside facilities and other attachments in each of the order.


With full of their unique features, the Zenvo ST1 is becoming one of the best high – speed cars in the industry. Although Zenvo ST1 did not have the latest stories in a few years, this high – speed monster still proves its quality and quality which prevails in customer’s mind. Because Zenvo ST1 usually has foundation benchmarks to be high – class cars in the world top.